Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Musings

  • 14 gauge needles are huge.
  • Work hours debates continue.
  • Teaching is fun.
  • An electrified skeleton of a deer is feeding on the tundra that is our balcony.
  • Did I mention how large 14 gauge needles are? I mean, an arm vein with a 14 gauge catheter seems to lose more blood (and faster too!) than a catheterized wrist artery... I've the bloody scrubs to prove it!
  • Must... Get... Out... Into... Sun.... SOON!
  • Thanks fto an anesthesia rotation, not only do I now check out people's veins when I meet them ("Could I get a 16 gauge into that antecubital?") but I inspect their chins. ("Start with the MacIntosh, or go straight to the Miller?")
  • There are plenty of real people out there that think about more than, well... see above.
  • Soon, I will be pulled in only one direction: the beach.

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