Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Good for health care
Good for peace
Good for science & innovation
Good for education
Good for the environment
Good for a better society

I guess those are the main things I care about when I go to the polls. My remaining hope is for:
An Obamaslide

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And no matter your political preference, make sure you vote today.


Anonymous said...

A doctor who supports a man who promotes socialized medicine and seeks to use unconstitutional powers of the government to fund scientific endeavors so that they can be tweaked to result in favorable political outcomes?

You're a doctor?

I would never knowingly use a doctor that is a democrat or supported the presidency of Obama. Not to knock the political aspect of it, but with the medical industry being on of the prime targets of the left's orwellian agenda I would question the quality of any doctor who believes they couldn't cut it outside a soviet-style medical system.

I'd also question the judgment of any doctor who supported Obama. Would they be as easily swayed by a pharmaceutical snake-oil salesman as they were by a political snake oil salesman?

I also feel bad for all the people who put their medical futures on the line by being treated by such doctors. Personally (and I don't mean this to be mean) but an Obama-supporting doctor should really get out of the business.

Oh well. I guess in any class half the students would be in the bottom half.

thomas robey said...

I decided to approve this comment. I got a good laugh of it and hope subsequent readers will too.