Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama Lit 101

In real life (i.e. not on this blog), I'd been pretty critical of John McCain's medical history of melanoma so was pleased when he released his medical records, limited that they were. Back in the early primaries, I was equally critical of Barack Obama's smoking habit (correction: smoking addiction). That issue just faded away. Where is it now? Evidently, Obama may still be smoking. Michael Kinsley of the Washington Post thinks it's okay that he's fibbing about quitting. I'm not so sure I agree with that, but I am sure about it not being okay that the next president smokes. We need some health advocacy groups to jump on that (if it's true).

What have you heard about the next president lighting up?

1 comment:

Drugmonkey said...

well the first thing you can do is stop with the BigTobacco infamous minimizer phrasing of "habit" and call it what it is, an addiction to nicotine...