Friday, November 07, 2008



The stress of the interview season is still crescendoing for me. I've a couple of rejections, a fair number of invites (see column at right) and a couple of programs I still haven't heard from in cities where my wife is very interested in training. Now that she is heading off for her first trip (New York, Baltimore, St. Louis, Boston, Chicago in two weeks), I'm of course antsy. Trying to fit in a couple interviews in each of the cities she likes is maddening! Especially when there are optional but strongly recommended social activities the night before or after the interview, making logistics quite painful. And I haven't even started to purchase airfare!

So it goes. I am glad to be in San Fransisco learning more emergency medicine and seeing how a residency works. Being from a city without a residency program is a real handicap in terms of knowing what to look for and assessing for fit. I'm having a great time here in spite of the stress of organizing a travel agenda. Any readers out there having the same struggles?

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