Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three More Shifts

I've the day off today! For those of you reading for updates from my time in medical school, here's another bullet list. It's not as comprehensive as the last one, but still gives a picture. I'll have more substantive entries later, but I must finish my residency personal statement and the paper resubmission today. Here's an abridged sum list from my most recent three shifts:
  • 1400: estimated calories consumed, per day
  • 1 femoral stick for blood gasses
  • 21 smelly socks removed
  • 2 trauma patients under my care (As in my name was on the board as the doc, but several people were helping me/watching my back as I was placing the orders)
  • 1 advanced directive conversation
  • 2 cases of gout
  • 207/156: BP of one of the gout patients
  • 6 cans of Mountain Dew consumed
  • 1 needle stick
  • 2 doses of Truvada taken
  • 6 different bus routes ridden
  • 5 IV's placed in one day (my highest count)
  • 1 thoracotomy in the ER (observed, only!)
  • 2 severed fingers
  • 7 consultations with social work
Some of these could take up entire posts, or series of posts. But really, I have work to do!

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