Saturday, July 05, 2008

Back Home

My past two weeks included travel to locations that were either the furthest north I have ever been or the furthest south. I left Fairbanks, Alaska on a Wednesday, took an exam in Seattle on a Friday, then flew for a vacation in Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo on Monday. That expanded my latitude latitude by 9.5° north and 1.5° south for an expansion of 11°

Fairbanks: 64° 50' 16" N
Zihuatenejo: 17° 37' 59" N

Previous North: Northern Ireland 55° 10' 0" N
Previous South: Hawaii (Big Island) 19° 3' 51" N

Anyway, I'm back home and studying in preparation for my emergency medicine rotation at Seattle's county hospital and trauma center: Harborview Medical Center. I'm also getting a bunch of entries ready for posting here, at Clashing Culture and at The Differential. Now all I need is to finish setting up internet at home!

Want to figure out the latitudes and longitudes for city places? I found this website helpful.


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Welcome back. I have you beat on the Northern leg. Churchill, Manitoba on Western edge of Hudson Bay is 58° 46' 0" lat -94° 10' 0" long

Southern leg you have me beat. Acapulco is 21° 55' 59" lat and -103° 31' 59"

Sarah Robey said...

You've got me beat in the North by 9 degrees still... The best I can do is Edinburgh. But I still have 4 degrees on you south-wise (13° 45' 0"N).

A riddle of my own: try to remember where I have been that is of that latitude. You know, in between treating trauma patients...