Saturday, March 15, 2008

Debating Health Care

My piece about the remaining presidential candidates' positions on health care is up over at The Differential. Since I refrained from offering any of my opinions over there, I'm using this space to point out more opinionated perspectives that wouldn't be appropriate for a non-partisan site. The one liner for me about the three remaining candidates plans is:

Each of the plans has good ideas built in, but the Democrats' proposals far better at addressing the critical challenged faced by our health care system today.

By the way, I think one plan is the best, I voted for a different person than who I think has the best plan and see many good ideas in the third person's plan. Stick with me, and you'll learn which names go where. Unfortunately, I cannot devote enough time right now (exhibit A: the 80 hour work week) to post all of the information about the plans, so I'll periodically post follow-ups and link them here. The first post (maybe you've read it) is my primer on the health care platforms over at The Differential. When I write a new article, I'll link it from the list below, or you can click on the Vote for Health link on my Readers' Favorites sidebar.
  1. Vote for Health in 2008
  2. Autism
  3. Walk-In Clinics
  4. Electronic Medical Records
  5. "Socialized Medicine"
  6. Paying For It
  7. "Increasing Quality"
  8. Generic Drugs
That's a fair start. Now you know what to expect. I hope you come back to visit early and often. When you do, be sure to chime in when I'm off my rocker or when I'm right on.

Oh yeah: my biases are: Clinton's plan is the best, I voted for Obama, and McCain has good ideas that the other two should pick up on.

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