Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today - March 26, 2008 - at 4:18:48 PM local time, an unsuspecting web surfer entered the Hope for Pandora website. This visitor hails from Melbourne, Australia, uses the Safari browser on Mac OSX, and accessed the internet through an Australian provider called TPG. Evidently, Hope for Pandora is traded on the virtual stock market called Blog$hares. I'm not sure how this works and don't have time to figure it out. This is from the What is BlogShares panel on their site:
BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.
I hope my stock is rising. Judging though from the amount of time (not very much!) I've had to make posts recently, I'd bet the value is holding steady or dropping. Some blogs I read have 20,000 readers in one day. It took me ten months.

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