Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blogging As An Inpatient

If I don't take care of myself by sleeping and eating properly this next month, I'll have to admit myself to a hospital, rather than work at one. So I must curtail my posts for only a small while in favor of crafting a better hospital note or reading up on a medical condition afflicting a patient. I have a few posts in the queue over at The Differential for the next few weeks, and I am sure I won't be able to steer completely clear of Hope, but I have to go for now.

I'll be sure to treat you to some reflections from my current stint at Seattle's county hospital. These stories need more time for crafting - time that I do not have right now. It's also, in my opinion, inappropriate to write real-time about patients who cannot consent to be the subject of an article here or elsewhere. Time and distance are good cofactors for anonymity. I could write about the practice and education systems of medicine, but fear that my accounts would emerge more cynical that I mean.

I hope my regular readers will keep me in their site feeders. I'll be back.

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