Friday, December 07, 2007


It's been a month since I first unpacked my ASUS Eee laptop computer, and folks are clamoring for my review. I did promise you a breakdown of my experiences.

If you are thinking of buying an Eee, I would recommend They now have several models in addition to the white 4G model I purchased. Either they or UPS screwed up my shipping, but they were quick to admit their error and refunded my shipping costs. Here's me on the airplane last month writing my epic entry about evolution and creationism in Kentucky.

I'll spare you (and me) the specifications. If you are serious about buying one, you probably already know these details. I'm not in the business of sales.

  • Size Matters: I love that it is less than 2 pounds! It can go anywhere. The keyboard is small, but my size 9 1/2 hands do just fine. I do have trouble using the touchpad, so I bought a mini-USB mouse with a retractable cord (no RF devices on airplanes) that does the trick.

  • Battery Life: Don't expect the batt to last more than your other laptop. The longest I had it run was 4 hours, but the wireless card was disabled. The mini-mouse drains the power faster, too. On average, I'd say the battery lasts 3 hours between charges.

  • Screen: For, the narrow screen makes navigation tough. But for authoring and reading blogs, word processing, and general web use, it's just fine.

  • Start-Up: It's more like 25 seconds to start. And if you connect to wireless networks, it will be about 90 seconds.

  • Connectivity: I've had some frustration with connecting to my current wireless network, but have had trouble with my PC on the same network. I use the hardwire cord to avoid that problem. I've been able to connect to every (other) wireless access point I've encountered in the hospital, the local library and the pub.

  • Social Aspects: I get soooo many comments about how cute my computer is. The Eee has serious potential as a nerd/chick magnet. Seriously. No, really. I mean, I don't (ab)use the Eee that way, but maybe you could...

  • Disk Space: It's pretty amazing to use a compy that has the operating system, all the needed programs and space for your files in 4 GB. I keep everything on an 8 GB thumb anyway, and have interfaced with my 1 TB mother drive. Anything I do on this little guy is small potatoes anyway.

  • Operating System: I can hardly tell it's LINUX. Except that it's faster, doesn't have stupid update messages and has yet to crash. There are some things I wish I could customize, but I am a little afraid of that. Now that medicine is beating the engineer out of me.

  • Name: Eee is hard to explain to people. The name is pretty lame.

  • Role: For my life, this little machine can do almost everything I need in a computer. Honestly, this is not much. I have yet to try and print from it (no printer at my current residence). When my HP PC crashes for good, I will probably buy a desktop and use the Eee as my mobile terminal. Whether that terminal runs LINUX or not, I am not sure. I guess it depends how much of a geek I will need to be to install & maintain it. Because I am getting less geeky by the month.

  • Applications: All OpenOffice applications are installed along with other programs like LTris, pdf Reader, Firefox and a sundry of others I haven't yet used.

Here I am a month later. These pics were taken using the built in webcam. (The direct connect via Skype might come in handy sometime.) For now, it simply offers evidence that I really like this hoody sweater. FYI, the words out of frame say "the unthinkable."


nosugrefneb said...

16GB thumb?! Where does one get one of these? (And is one's program typically amenable to purchasing this on behalf of one?:) )

How do you say the name, exactly? Is it three Es in rapid succession—hello, this is my E-E-E—or more of a drawn out, slurred, long E, or just a regular plain old E?

thomas said...

I got the Corsair Flash Voyager and am really happy with it. It may only be 8 GB. But NewEgg has a 16 MB for $100 (after rebate). I bought it toward the end of days in thesis world b/c I was moving between so many computers and most of my data were hi-res micrigraphs.

Now the flash is bigger than my compy's HD!!!

I may have bought the 8 MB drive using 'left-overs' from a training grant personal supply budget.

gecko said...

Thanks for the great review!

Doesn't the Eee PC also have an SD memory card slot, where you could presumably put a high capacity SD or SDHC card to expand the storage abilities of the machine? Of course, a 16GB SDHC card currently runs at a quarter of the price of the machine, but if one needed the space, on a permanent basis, at least it wouldn't stick out of the chassis like a thumb drive.

Personally, I tend to say the Eee as a long-ish e sound.

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

My cousin showed me the one he bought through his company. I was pretty amazed, considering that it doesn't even have a "hard drive." I hope that within the next 10 years hard drives become a quaint memory, such as LP's, VHS, 1200 baud modems, etc.

And here you go:

I need to let you know that you have been tagged. Follow this link to find out what the hell I am talking about.

(I know I tagged you once before, but your meme post ended up being really good, so I couldn't resist.)