Sunday, December 09, 2007

Keeping Track

What a Day. Today in the ER, I diagnosed the following:
  • New onset temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome in a 29 year old woman.
  • Phimosis and otitis externa in a 10 month old boy.
  • Hip bursitis in a 72 year old man.
I participated in the care of:
  • Man vs. table saw: the loser was a finger (unless the hand surgeons at Harborview can work a miracle).
  • A young man with periodic familial hypokalemic paralysis.
  • 51 year old man with suicide ideation and a plan. (See photo below.)
The currents are deadly enough without having to deal with the impact. I have first hand experience (with the current, not the impact). Let me tell you: going through at slack tide is a much better idea than trying any other time. The current gets up to 8+ knots at flood and ebb. My wife once diagnosed me with suicidal ideation for trying to take this tidal rapid in my now deceased aluminum Grumman canoe.

We admitted the the man with severe depression. Things are looking good for him. I am glad he came in today and decided to stay; he's also been an excellent teacher so far.

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