Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream a Dream

Evidently, television coverage of the "Tea Party" on tax day was pre-empted by another story. Since I've given up using the television for acquiring my news in any form other than presented on Comedy Central or in live broadcasts (debates, live speeches, CSPAN and the lot), I didn't catch this other story until it was echoed in the morning newspapers. Yesterday, a 47-year-old Scot performed a rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables" on the UK's equivalent of American Idol and brought down the house. Much rubbish was made of her frumpy appearance, older age and romantic status in advance of (and after) the performance. Which reminds me that our current day conception of talent is inectricably linked to looks and social status. I'm glad that the show (titled "Britain's got Talent") actually brought out the talent it advertises. Especially if it drowned out some of the shouting about the illogical Tea Party. I actually enjoyed sending in my check this year. But then again I like the idea of the government funding science, cleaning the air, caring for the poor sick and lame, building roads and even defending freedom. I think the rich conservative broadcasters who orchestrated this Tea Party are celebrating a la David Horsey...

I've not embedded the clip because YouTube has restricted it and because if you are visiting my front page, you still get to hear the "Imperial March" in the background. Wondering why? Read this. Then watch Susan Boyle live a dream.

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