Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zone 6b!!!

Was I ever excited a few minutes ago when I learned that New Haven is located in USDA climate zone 6b! That's the dark yellow zone on this map.It's no 9a as in Seattle, but 6b is better than Chicago's 5a or Pittsburgh's 5b - two places I've gardened in the past. It's looking good that we will have a yard (0.09 acres minus the house's footprint), so if we have any time after (1) being residents and (2) minor remodeling projects, the yard will offer us an urban oasis. And vegetables. This year even!

Anyway, this is the sort of information that helps you get through the labor of packing...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, Hopefully there are no deer or other garden pests in New Haven and a couple thousand square feet will grow a lot of tomatoes! WGR