Monday, January 19, 2009

Next Stop: Rank Lists

Interview season is finally over for me. So I've removed my handy reference of programs and interview dates from the side banner. I still need a convenient link list to organize program websites for the places I've been. Here's a chronological list.
I suppose I could have built a bookmark folder, but this cut-and-paste enables me to check back from any compy... The next deadline is February 25. That's when rank lists are due. We haven't decided if we will publicize our list, but I'm guessing the cards are going to fall close to the electronic chest.


Ben said...

You ever use Delicious?

thomas robey said...

I used to, but it became one more click that I couldn't seem to benefit from. Maybe I wasn't usingt it right... Upon further reflection, I bet you're going to suggest I manage my bookmarks with it... right?