Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Podcast From the ASA Meeting

The talk I gave last weekend at the annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation about blogging as a useful tool for talking about ethics, science and religion in the classroom and in the public sphere is online. Listen to it here. It features my motivations for blogging, my experience here and at Clashing Culture, and some ideas about how blogs could play a larger role in dialogue about science and society in the public and within the mission of the ASA.

Man, is it painful to listen to yourself. Follow the link to the audio file at your own risk. I'll figure out how to post my slides, too.

I did talk a little about PZ Myers and Pharyngula as an example of discussions about religion that are more one-sided than I like. What did not come across until late in the discussion was how PZ linking my page once was a great boost to my activities on the web. For his notice and the associated traffic it brought I am thankful.

I did meet some other bloggers at the conference. One of whom lives about two miles from me.

Don't worry! There will be plenty of responses to the meeting coming up, mostly at Clashing Culture. See you there!


Ben said...

Cool! Sounds like it was a good opportunity.

PS: I like Slideshare...allows for embeddable slideshows in blogs, etc.

Drugmonkey said...

I'm listening to your podcast now and really enjoying it. Good on ya and maybe some more? hehehehe.