Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting By On Metaphor

I take my metaphor extended, not mixed. Need proof? Read my latest post at The Differential. It's about the residency application and interview process. I'm only at the opening round of the process, and I've already had to lean on allegory. If John Bunyan were a senior medical student, I think he'd approve.

I am only slightly comforted by the fact that my understanding metaphor rules out certain psychiatric diseases. Today was day one of my psychiatry clerkship, and I've already determined that I'm one major depressive episode away from a Bipolar Type II. (Anyone who knows me can appreciate the hypomania I've experienced over the years. I guess I'll just have to settle for cyclothymia. And as my psych attending pointed out today, people don't get admitted for cyclothymia - it's just to close to normal!

By the way, look for additional self diagnoses in the next 6-10 weeks. I hear it's pretty common on the psychiatry clerkship!

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