Friday, May 05, 2006

Do the Mumpty-Mump

So, maybe you are wondering why I am posting so much the first day after going live. The hidden motivation for this blog is THE MUMPS. Don't worry - I am sure that I do not have the mumps. Three MMR vaccines should account for that. I do have a very swollon parotid gland. I think it is due to a salivary stone. Anyway, the CDC has suggested that the states take conservative measures to contain subsequent outbreaks. So here I am at home until further notice - notably a PCR for viral load and IgM measurements. If they are clear, I could be back in circulation by Tuesday or so, but maybe not until Friday. Which sucks.

While writing this I was contacted by the Public Health folks - the PCR machine crashed. I wonder what that means. Did the thermal cycler fall off the table? I told the person that called that I was willing to give the reaction a go. Just send the primers over. I could go into lab after hours to run it, in case I really do have the paaramyxovirus. Are you allowed to run diagnostics on yourself, anyway? What are the ethical implications of that decision? I guess that means the first tests won't get done until Monday, which means they will want me to stay home longer... In the meantime, I am supposed to look out for orchitis.


kristin said...

The vaccine is not 100% so i guess there's a small small small chance you might actually have mumps?! I can't believe it takes so long to get the test result. I realize the topic of quarantine was completely absent from my epidemiology and public health training. At least we have a state dept of health who are trying to do their job. Do they let you go outside and enjoy the weather, as long as you stay away from others? Hope you have a diagnosis soon and are feeling better shortly.

Principle Investigator said...

What, they only have one PCR machine? I'm sure that you have all of us hoping that orchitis won't be an issue, whatever the cause of your swollen gland! Are you in pain? Feverish?

Anyway, you should at least enjoy the enforced rest while you can. Blogging your thoughts on science, medicine, and religion sounds like a good start!

Kelly said...

You really haven't addressed the thing I'm most curious about, though - where in the world do they think you were exposed?

(You were, btw, missed yesterday at the Eugenie Scott thing. And talked about beforehand, as we wondered the above. ;)

Nice to see you blogging - I look forward to whatcha intend to write about!)