Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day 3 (Economics)

Day three of the waiting game feels much as the first. The weekend is not sush a bad time to be forced apart from society. My wife and I typically spend the time with each other, and if we leave the house, it is for a hike or such. We each typically go into lab for a good chunk of one day, and that is where she is right now. Now facing Monday, I have realized the challenge this will be if this goes on for another week (the nine day period expires Friday.)

This brings me to another point: economic productivity. I wonder what the effects of a widespread quarantine for H5N1 avian flu would have on the economy. I'm no economist, but I would imagine that any effects from lost work would hit the poor first and hardest. Do employers make any allowance for workers on quarantine? Is that something the government is prepared for in the reports recently issued about the possible pandemic? Who's responsibility is it to keep food on the table when the breadwinner is quarantined?

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