Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's The Deal?

Someone recently said some Americans were "bitter" over the economy and chose to "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them" as a result.

Could someone please help me understand what's wrong with this assessment?

Thanks in advance.


NoWalmart said...

I do have to agree, though, that Obama could have chosen his words more carefully. Saying someone "clings to religion" makes it sound a bit like a child's blanket. You might think it is protecting you from monsters, but really it is just a simple blanket.

I am not religious by any stretch, but he seems to be calling religion an irrational belief that people are using as a result of a down-turned economy. He puts it on par with xenophobia.

One could even take it so far to mean that an Obama-led country would be more enlightened, so much so that it discards silly notions such as xenophobia and religion.

I see what Obama is saying. For someone as well-spoken as Obama usually is, however, I am disappointed to see how poorly he articulated that thought.

Alden said...

It appears to be a complete non sequitur; there's a premise, a conclusion, but nothing upon which to base the logical leap. They could, theoretically, provide the warrant to get from point a to the conclusion, but considering the 2 statements, it appears unlikely they could do it effectively.

Drugmonkey said...

what's wrong with this is that the people he's talking about cling to guns, religion and xenophobia whether the economy is good or bad.

thomas said...


DM saves the day.

anna said...

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