Friday, April 27, 2007

Project Steve

On April 24th, Project Steve logged its 800th signature. According to the National Center for Science Education, this represents 80,000 individuals that object to the replacement of science education with pseudoscientific instruction in Creationist science. Although I do not appreciate the way that NCSE and their loyal followers tend to use sarcasm and mockery to retort Creationism, I do think more scientists need to speak up for the proper instruction of science.

A couple of questions:
  • Why are there not any more Steves signed on to this?
  • The NSCE description says 1% of American names start with Steve. But wait a minute - Stephen Hawking was signatory #300. He's not American! Who are the statisticians on this job?
Are you a Steve, Stephanie, Stefan, or Esteban? Do you want to be part of Project Steve? See if you are qualified to join the club...

By the way, if you have been wanting to stick up for evolution, I recently reviewed an evolutionist's apologetic for a journal called Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. Titled, The Top 10 Myths About Evolution, this short book reads a bit like a print version of the Mythbusters TV show. I gave it three stars in my 'Recent Reads' panel because it mostly covered arguments I was familiar with. It does present the history and science of evolution quite well, and is a good start if you are not familiar with the details.

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