Monday, July 06, 2009

Updates on The Differential

Even though my posting here at Pandora has been anemic, I've continued to write columns at The Differential. (After all, I'm under contract for a few more weeks.) If this portal is your reminder to read them, and you're looking for convenient links, here are my most recent posts.

May 17: As I tried to pack for my cross-country move, I categorized my stuff left over from umpteen years of education. If only I'd figured that out earlier!
May 23: You may have already read my musings on the significance of graduation - the day that is.
June 2: While teaching some second year students during their transition to the wards, I learned that an expert medical student is only a mediocre intern and a horrible attending.
June 14: I jotted down dome of my thoughts and emotions on the eve of my first responsibilities of internship.
June 27: It took a little while until I actually had my first shift. But soon after, I wrote just a bit about that.
July 4: I think hand washing is one of the easiest ways to reduce complications in medicine. Yet it remains the hardest for us health workers to actually do...

I've a few more entries in me until I put blogging on hold in favor of learning to be a doctor. But at least this will give you something to chew on. And maybe you'll see me back at Medscape in another capacity someday!

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