Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rotation Schedule

This week, I assumed my place in the national online call reqistry known as (That's pronounced, "Am I on?") Like every other resident, my call schedule is available to anyone with the proper login. Since I'm not sure how protected said logins are, I'll relay for all those who are interested which rotations I've been assigned.

6/21 - 7/20 Yale ED & Orientation
7/21 - 8/17 Bridgeport Hospital ED
8/18 - 9/14 Bridgeport Hospital ED & EMS
9/15 - 10/12 Bridgeport Hospital ED
10/13 - 11/9 Pediatrics at Bridgeport Hospital
11/10 - 12/7 Medical ICU at Yale
12/8 - 1/4 Ultrasound & Anesthesia
1/5 - 2/1 Ob-Gyn at Bridgeport Hospital
2/2 - 3/1 Yale ED
3/2 - 3/29 Cardiac Care Unit at Yale
3/30 - 4/26 Orthopedics
4/27 - 5/24 Medicine at Yale
5/25 - 6/21 Yale ED

This is just one more step in my transition to residency!

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Ted Howard said...

Amion "logins" are not secure in any sense. I have guessed the logins for most UCSF departments. With this information, I know exactly when every single doctor is working or at home. Every doctor and resident who has ever worked at a teaching hospital has access to this same information without trying to guess logins. It's an unintentional 'honeypot' and I'm shocked that it's allowed.

Also, the UX is the worst thing I have seen since about 1992.