Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Match Day Overrated?

I think it is. We're waiting the extra hour to check my results from the comfort of home. So be patient, family! Since I believe in both free speech and the possibility of reform, I went ahead and listed a few reasons why the emphasis on the Match (even I use a capital letter) could be misplaced. You'll have to go over to The Differential to read it. And yes, you will still need your free login.

One of my blog friends recently asked me if the same computer that compares my rank list with 30,000 other lists and the lists from thousands of programs was the same that made Bowl Championship Series calculations. I am inclined to think that this present figuring very well could be an off-season task for the BCS brain. Like the bowl placements, there will be folks happy with the outcome and folks that are not.

By the way, which are the other professions than medicine that use similar systems for job placement as that for medical residents?
  • The Military
  • Professional Sports
  • Anything else?
Match, Smatch... They should just call it what it is. Today is Draft Day!

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